Wild, Wild Rake - Enemies to Lovers at it's best!!

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Rating: 4.5/5


Avalon marries Richard, the Marquess of Warwyck against her wishes because her parents wanted the match. But when Richard throws her out of their London home to install his mistress and their baby there, she promises never to feel so helpless again.

Devan Farris hates ‘Lady Warlock’ for jilting his best friend. But he can never forget her face in that London drawing room - so hurt and vulnerable because of her husband. When his brother sends him to be the new vicar of Thistledown and look into the finances of late Richard’s estates, and figure out what Avalon is up to, he is met with distrust and stubborn opposition. 



What I loved most about the story is the premise o the women standing up for each other! In most regency era novels, one finds the telling majorly male dominated with the women (even the strong ones) relying on the men for everything. I love how Avalon and Mary are helping women find better occupation when they fall on hard times. A very positive feminist take!!

As for the love story, I’m a happy reader when it comes to enemies to lovers trope so I was very glad to see the happen. Devan Farris is undeniably irresistible. A good man with looks, charm and wit in abundance  leaves you swooning just like the age the story is set in!! There’s enough banter & wit to keep you turning the pages and enough drama to keep you hooked! I read the book in one sitting & if you love historical romance, you should definitely give it a try!!

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