What's in a theme?

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Just like Shakespeasre's famous dialogue, many people (me included) wonder what's in a theme? Is it necessary to have a theme for the feed? Does it increase views/likes/followers? How do you keep a cohesive theme going? Do you need expensive editing tools and skills?

Now, being a professional graphic designer, some of these questions don't apply to me so much! I perpetually use expensive editing and creating software. I have my design skills as a background to build on. And I believe in trial and error! All said and done, I still started my account with random images clicked whenever I got the time! What I noticed because of this was that I wasn't always able to post regularly, and I also kept feeling that my account needs to look more beautiful!

Personally, I love themed feeds that look cohesive and create a recall value! Its fairly simple to create a theme, as long as you keep the following in mind:
1. Click pictures in similar lighting every time (preferably in the same place so light remains constant). I use natural daylight! I don't have fancy lights and reflectors and honestly no place to set it all up either! It helps if you take 10-15 photos together, to plan and see how your feed will grow!
2. Use VSCO, Lightroom, Snapseed etc to edit your pictures. Decide on a type you want your pictures to look like - warm, cool, pastel, vintage, etc. Then take 2-3 pictures and do several trial and error edits on them! Pick the edit you love best and run with it! (You will only be motivated to continue the theme if you like seeing it come together)
3. Use a grid planning app to see how your feed looks when you add 9-12 pictures to it! This enables you to see them all together and figure out if any need extra editing to match. I use UNUM for this :)
4. If you need to post an urgent picture in the middle of your feed, I'd suggest taking the time to make it look like the rest of it!

I recently changed up the photography theme on my instagram feed! I have been using a cool toned, minimal theme for over a year now and always love hints of blues and purples in my pictures. However I was feeling a bit iffy about my pictures recently, and felt it was time to explore something new! I landed on this theme and colour scheme slowly over 2 weeks and decided what editing to use on the images after editing one picture 7-10 times!! Hard work but it paid off because I love how my current feed looks - all bright and colourful! And it motivates me to put in that kind of effort every time I run out of pictures!!

Hope you got some clarity (if you were confused) or you simple enjoyed reading my process!! Do let me know your opinions in the comments :)

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