Ichigo Ichie: A must read!

Posted by Krishna Kapadia on

This book is about making the most of every moment - the Japanese way. It features ancient legends and practices, anecdotes and incidents that take place in different locations and across time to explain the concept of Ichigo Ichie! The book is divided into three parts that take you through the What, Why and How of Ichigo Ichie and creating a life filled with small special moments.
The writing has a way of bringing peace, because it’s not fast paced and you can read a certain part and come back to it a few days later and pick it up! It is super engaging bae cause there’s explanations as well as exercises / quizzes to practice living in the moment and that makes it easier to understand the concept of the book as well as it’s application in life!
This is the first book that I have ended up tabbing and I feel this is going to become a thing I do! There were so many spots in the book that I felt deserve a reread soon that I made a point to mark the pages. There are so many great things in the book but my favourite is the idea of Mankai - the blooming. This talks about how everyone has the capacity to bloom, regardless of age, profession or anything else! It’s about how you dedicate yourself to something you really want to do and give it time, work on it and it is possible to succeed!

This is a book that I would recommend to everyone - it tells us how to live to the max by just working on small things at a time! How a little change here and there actually leads to a massive difference to life!

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