Hello I'm Kris!

Posted by Krishna Kapadia on

Hello all to my new blog :)

I'm Kris aka Krishna! Some of you already know me as Beingkris on instagram or as the owner of DesignMe by Kris ;) I love books and design and finally after a year of seeing all of you on bookstagram and making soon many friends, I decided to start my own blog!!

I'm a 30 year old book addict who has been hoping her way through books since childhood! If you ask me my first book, I wouldn't be able to tell you... it was so long ago! Books have always been a part of my life and my family has always encouraged my passion for them. Here I am - with a bookshelf overflowing with books and a mind that loves wandering the paths of stories.

This blog is not just a review blog... I want to talk about books, reviews, genres, the merchandise and boxes out there, my own journey in this community - basically all of it! So I'll see you'll soon with a new post and a new post!

Happy reading :)

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