Don’t Go Stealing My Heart: A Review

Posted by Krishna Kapadia on

Rating: 5/5

Review: Clementine is a thief and modern day Robin Hood! She takes from the rich to give to the poor... but her newest job of stealing a painting during an Elvis festival has put her in a role she is not prepared for! Jack is a charming Elvis tribute artist (not to be confused with Elvis impersonators) and he becomes a bit silly every time he sees her! A story filled with humour, great punch lines and whacky names of places you can’t fail to laugh and get drawn into this amazing story!

The character building for both Jack and Clementine (not yuzu, tangerine, orange or kumquat) is absolutely amazing and I loved how their relationship went ahead from strangers to friends! They both have a whole load of secrets but not a lot of trust in anyone having been burned by betrayal before.

The story also has a great element of suspense and surprise which kept me glued to the pages and having to finish the book in one sitting because I couldn’t put it down!!! Jack and Clementine and their story in Whichway will take you through ups and downs of emotion and a lovely refreshing look at romance!! If you like your romance with a charming yet shy hero and a heroine with a dark(ish) heart then you totally need to read this!!

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