Designing Merch: A Journey

Posted by Krishna Kapadia on

Hello Bookstafam!! I'm here with my first blog post that talks a bit about my design journey with each piece and everything that goes into it!

I opened my shop a little over 6 months ago and this is my way of expressing my love for all the books I have read, lived and loved over my lifetime!! Some pieces I design appeal to me because of the bright colours and the joy they bring, whereas others are the result of a deep journey into my soul (and every character that has lived there for however short a period).

As a graphic designer, my day-to-day life involves creativity within marketable bounds. Bookstagram has given me the freedom to explore more and experiment endlessly to create my idea of each story! Every time I illustrate or create something I feel closer to my favourite characters... and everyone on bookstagram through their feeds and stories contributes to new discoveries!!

I'm beginning new little phases in the shop every week and each accomplishment brings a new sense of wonder and delight! Besides the rosy aspects of designing and creativity I have also discovered how products can get delayed in the production, not be made to my exacting standards and be (almost) lost in delivery! I have learnt to be an accountant (expense spreadsheets are interesting ;P), a logistics champ (co-ordinating with the shipping company and figuring out where on this blessed earth my package is!), a life guru (meditation before bed is becoming a must because my mind doesn't realise it needs to rest too) and a packaging pro (believe me I have new and resourceful ways to package stuff that I never dreamed I would need to know).

But with all of this, I can still say that sorting my shop was the best decision ever!! If you're doing it or planning it, reach out to me - I'd love to chat (and warn) you about the possibilities I have discovered in less than a year!

Here's to many more harrowing and hard working weekends :)

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