A Discovery of Secrets and Fate: Review

Posted by Krishna Kapadia on

When Finley realised what her sister was, her life changed dramatically. But now she’s looking for the truth, and a chance to figure out what’s going on. Every day that passes she discovers new things, not just about the hidden world but also about herself. And she knows that there is a lot more still hidden - most importantly - Who or what is Carrick??
There is a prophecy of which Finley is an integral part, but what is this prophecy? What is she supposed to do? Finley and Carrick will need to travel to the land of the Light Fae ‘Faere’ in order to find some of the answers. But this is not a land to be tread lightly... it’s a land of creatures that hate humans and Finley has to survive this beautiful yet terrible place on order to find some answers.
This book is a fast paced read, with action sitting just around the corner and ugly truths come to the surface as other creatures start gathering around Finley. A great second book in the series, this provides all the details to link into the next one. We also see a little romance growing, but where will it go?
Fear, sorrow, friendship, love, fae - this book has all the ingredients to keep you hooked. And the end will leave you reeling!

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